Feel the Rhythm

The Steel Drum Band is new to Saint Ignatius High School as of this school year.

As with all of the musical ensembles at Saint Ignatius, the ultimate goal of this program is to help engage our students in a lifelong passion of music while exposing them to music from different cultures. Steel Drum music leans heavily on calypso and latin rhythms, but the group will be well versed in music from many cultures. Pop tunes are what Director of Instrumental Music Dan Hamlin is most excited for the students to play on the drums.

The ensemble was created to engage more students in a solid musical experience. There has been a lot of interest in the other ensembles, including Chorus, Band and the new Orchestra. This is another option for the students who may be interested in something a little different.

The idea for a Steel Drum Band stemmed from a combination of ideas presented by Fine Arts Teacher Joe Buzzelli, Principal Dan Bradesca ’88 and Dan Hamlin. Hamlin has experience performing the instruments, and it’s a unique ensemble to the Cleveland area. A budget was established, and the idea became a reality. Each instrument is unique, and had to be hand built in Trinidad and sent to South Florida where they were polished and painted.

The group will have between 20-40 students, and the hope is that is will be a visual aspect of the Saint Ignatius community. The schedule for the Steel Drum Band will be similar to the Circus Company. With a plan to put on a feature show every other year, and many small scale (and community) performances throughout the year and Summer. Currently, the group has 20 students from all grade levels. Watch the video above of their second rehearsal!