Alumni Spirituality Offerings

Some days it seems like we are constantly surrounded by noise. Noise at work, noise during our commute, noise at home, music, television, conversations and our own thoughts make it hard to find the silence. Alumni are invited to take a step back from everyday life for 24 hours of reflection, discernment and bonding at the annual Alumni Retreat in attempts to gain a moment of silence in order open our ears and hearts to God’s call.

The retreat will begin on Friday, February 17 at the Jesuit Retreat House and conclude with Mass at 4 p.m. on Saturday, February 18. During the retreat, alumni will be encouraged to reflect on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola and examine your own life while attempting to see God in all things.

This event has become a cherished retreat for many alumni and we invite alumni of all ages to come and participate. The cost is $75 per person and includes a private room for the evening and three meals throughout the retreat. REGISTER NOW

Alumni Retreat

In addition to the annual Alumni Retreat, alumni and community members are always invited to participate in The Spirituality Program for Adults (SPA).

Our Encountering Christ Retreat is the core Ignatian SPA program offered four times during the school year. Each session is 8 Weeks long and includes Eucharist, faith shared in community, and prayerful reflections for home.  It is a wonderful introductory experience for establishing or renewing one’s personal prayer life. The Lent 2017 morning session begins on February 15 and the evening session begins on February 6.

“The Spiritual Exercises provide methods and guideposts for finding and choosing God in our world and in our lives; of being open to God’s desires for us; and for responding to God’s will and love.”