Rugby Team Travels to France During Spring Break

During spring break, the Saint Ignatius rugby team visited France with head coach Dan Arbeznik ’00. The Wildcats visited​ many famous landmarks in Paris, such as the church where St. Ignatius of Loyola formed the Jesuits (St. Peter of Montmartre Church), Notre Dame, Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and other historic places. The team made their way to Honfleur for a visit and a match where they proved to be victorious.

The team walked the beaches of Normandy, touched German gun batteries, and walked the grounds of the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach, where thousands of courageous American men and women are buried.

The Wildcats made a host of memories while experiencing French culture, history, and rugby. The Rugby Cats will never forget this trip, with its stops in Paris, Honfleur, Bayeux, Normandy, and Saint Malo.

Past players, coaches and alumni were also present for some or all of the trip taking our Wildcat fans international!

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