Celebrating the Class of 2017

The Class of 2017 committed to colleges and universities across the country and celebrated on College Decision Day in the College Counseling Department. The top ten colleges to which our 383 students will matriculate are as follows:

  1. The Ohio State University – 47 students
  2. University of Dayton – 35 students
  3. University of Cincinnati – 30 students
  4. Miami University – 27 students
  5. John Carroll University – 22 students
  6. Cleveland State University – 14 students
  7. Ohio University – 13 students
  8. Loyola University Chicago and University of Notre Dame – 9 students
  9. Xavier University – 8 students
  • 50% of top ten colleges are Catholic; 80% in-state
  • An additional 11 students will matriculate at regional campuses of The Ohio State University

Our seniors applied to 305 colleges & universities and will enroll at 90 different institutions. Forty-five percent of students will attend private colleges and universities including Catholic and Jesuit schools. The class was awarded more than $38 million for the four year period beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. This is the highest total of scholarships awarded since recorded in 1994. Twenty students from the senior class will receive full tuition academic scholarships.

30% plan to pursue a major in Business or Economics

21% plan to pursue a major in Engineering

12% will enter with a major of undecided

9% plan to pursue a major in Science

9% plan to pursue careers in health-related fields

View a full list of Matriculation for the Class of 2017.