For the Greater Glory of God

Duane Deskins ’72 was honored this month with the St. Robert Bellarmine Award for excellence in the legal field, promotion of faith and ethical principles in law. But when presented with his award, Duane expressed a passion that went beyond his daily tasks or career accomplishments. He spoke of justice and opportunity as he conveyed his desire to make this world a better place for the greater glory of God.

In December 2016 Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson selected Duane to serve in a new position as Chief of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth & Young Adults. “I’m so excited – because we’re looking at violence as a symptom using the Public Health Model, like a communicable disease” says Duane. “We’re using a public health model to create opportunities and drive down violence.”

Looking at the “master plan” to his life, Duane has come to believe “if you give of your time and talent, doors open that you wouldn’t expect.” He’s continued to give back at Saint Ignatius as a board member and on search committees that selected Fr. Murphy and Fr. Guiao.

Duane was joined by a large group of fellow classmates from the Class of 1972 along with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.